Paying it Forward


Paying it Forward

In addition to supplying horse lovers with training materials, ‘Secrets of the Horse UK Ltd.’, also supports “Horses for Orphans”, a non-profit organization led by Richard and Ingela Larsson Smith.

‘Horses for Orphans’

The ‘Horses for Orphans’ (H4O) projects enable orphans and at-risk youth to experience joy and the healing of their hearts by interacting with horses the natural way. By learning how to take care of horses and in understanding how they think and feel, the children grow in kindness and responsibility.

By nature, horses look for a leader to follow, and as the children grow in leadership, communication and team skills, they gain the trust of the horses. As the children experience a horse that chooses to enter a relationship with them, they gain confidence and – best of all – much joy!

Through the ‘Horses for Orphans’ projects, leaders are raised up. The children can advance through the H-Factor programme to gain the necessary skills to pursue a career with horses. Opportunity is given to the older teenagers to train as leaders of the horse project in their country. Many of the advanced boys from the H4O-Brazil project that began at an orphanage in 2009 are now training with us at our small ‘fazenda’ in Goias, where we continue to mentor them in life skills and through to maturity.

In the UK, ‘Horses for Orphans’ is part of Torchbearers Trust. Torchbearers Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales (no. 1000113).

In Brazil, ‘Cavalos Para Orfaos’ is a registered non-profit organisation (no. 19.808.477/0001-26).

In the USA, ‘Horses for Orphans US’ is a registered 501 (c) (3) (no.46-3789975).

For more information or to donate to ‘Horses for Orphans’ click here:

Partner with us and give someone else a chance for a future

Here is how you can help:

– come and volunteer in Brazil
– offer financial support
– spread the word about Horses for Orphans to others